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D. Mackenzie & Co. (Inc.), Mine Operators and Commission Brokerboth of which have ordered complete hoisting plants and upon which active development is now in progress. These properties lie side by side and are equally valuable and are considered the two leading properties in the district and those most certain to make heavy producers of copper and gold.The Saratoga group, which consists of five claims has during the past few days been acquired by a strong organization of local capitalists. The price paid, although not given, is understood to be the highest ever paid for a Greenwater property, as it is a well known fact that fabulous sums of money have already been several times offered for this property, and as often refused.The sale of the allotment of treasury stock to be sold in the Greenwater Red Boy Copper Company, which was offered by us a week ago, has been unprecedented, over one-half of the allotment being subscribed during the past week, and in addition, we refused orders for thousands of shares here, we preferring to reserve this initial allotment for our clients whom we wish to see, in all instances, secure securities purchased through us at ground-floor prices and on a basis that will leave to our clients all the profits to be made, and on the Greenwater Red Boy we are confident that the profits will be fully equal, if not greater than that to date on the Frances-Mohawk; in fact, we fully expect to see Greenwater Red Boy stock sell at better than par on the open market before January 1st.Although this stock will undoubtedly be several times over-subscribed before this Review reaches you, we urge every one of our clients to at least endeavor to secure a goodly block of it, even if it be necessary to purchase on the open market at advanced prices, as the stock is certainly, in our estimation and that of the best informed engineers and operators here, worth fully $1 per share today.We look for a greatly improved market throughout the entire list, with Goldfield as at the present time, occupying the center of the stage, and we recommend the purchase of all meritorious Goldfield securities at present prices, with the firm belief that handsome profits will be made before the end of the current year, which will undoubtedly mark the top of the fall and winter's advance in prices, which not only affects this but all the markets of the country.While other outside securities, namely, Bullfrog, Tonopah, Manhattan and Fairview will share in the advance, principally through sympathy with the advance of Goldfield securities, we think the greatest profits will be made by the purchase of Goldfield or Greenwater stocks, especially the latter, while purchases can be made in high class properties, ably and honestly managed, and in the latter class we recommend the purchase of Greenwater Red Boy and if possible to secure Greenwater Saratoga at any price up to $1 per share.Some of the greatest fortunes ever made in mining have been made in copper stocks, and it is a well known fact that copper is the most permanent metal that is mined today, many of the great copper mines of the world being continually operated for upwards of 100 years, with ore reserves in sight at the present time greater than ever. This is shown by the enormous prices that are reached by the leading copper stocks, such as Calumet & Hecla, which is quoted on the open market at $740 per share, and from the last price paid for stock in W. A. Clark's United Verde mine the last sale was at $2,600 per share, and it is understood that Clark has a standing offer of up to $3,500 per share for any stock remaining outside that can be secured.FROM THE MINESHAYES - MONNETTE—MOHAWK—Shipments from this lease of phenomenally high grade ore continue. The net returns secured by the fortunate owners, Messrs. Hayes, Monnette, Smith and Benedict, after payment of all expenses of operating for the first 24 days in this month was a clear $400,000, or $100,000 each in dividends to the four fortunate owners. This lease will produce in excess of $3,000,-000 before its expiration January 7, 1907.FRANCES-MOHAWK—Shipments of high grade ore from this lease continue at the rate of from two to four cars daily. The ore heretofore mined has been from the 220-foot level and from a series of upraises and from one winze. The upraises are up from 35 to 65 feet, and the winze is down approximately 65 feet. No diminution of values are shown, and the highest values are secured from the bottom of the winze. The streak of high grade ore still continues and is increasing in richness and width, specimens being taken out that are fully two-thirds gold and present the richest specimens ever mined in southern Nevada or any other camp. Ore is being sacked from this streak that carries values in excess of $1,000 to the sack, and carload shipments without sorting or screening, and broken with machine drills, carry average values of $300 to the ton, figuring on shipments for the past ten days.Ore was encountered Thursday in the lower, or 280-foot level where an assay clear across the face gave returns of $292 to the ton. Every pound of rock hoisted goes direct to the sampler, not a pound of waste being raised for the past week, and the great value of the ore will be realized when it is considered that the average of the entire shipments is in excess of $300 to the ton. An electric pump has been installed and handles easily the large flow of water which is encountered on the lower level. A new 50-horse power electric hoist has been ordered which will be installed over the compartment now being operated by the 15-horse power gasoline, which will give the lease a combined horse power of 75, and all conditions of the lease satisfy us that our estimate of last week that it will produce in excess of $2,000,000 was a perfectly safe prediction.Enormous profits and dividends follow our recommendations



Mackenzie & Co. p 2
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