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THE ONLY REAL HOUSE WITHOUT A FAILUREMADONNA—Development on this property is going forward in three openings and although no ore of shipping grade has been encountered considerable of good milling grade has been exposed. This is especially true of the new ledge which was mentioned in this Review two weeks ago, which was encountered in a trench on the surface. This ledge is 30 feet in width and an assay taken clear across the 30 feet Saturday afternoon gave returns of $18.66 in gold to the ton. A shaft is being sunk on this lead as rapidly as possible and will be continued to the 50-foot point where a cross-cut will be run across the lead, after which time the shaft will be continued to the 200-foot point.We look for the opening of shipping ore in this work at probably any moment, and in addition there is a certainty, and in fact now exposed, an enormous body of high grade milling ore."We recommend the purchase of this security at present prices and expect to see a heavy advance during the next few days.GREENWATER RED BOY—Although this company has been in existence for less than two weeks, it has met with the greatest success of any offering that has ever been made from the west, both as regards the campaign of development being carried forward by the company and by the phenomenal sale of treasury stock in large blocks to the shrewdest and best informed investors in the country, the majority of whom, it is a pleasure to us to state, are our clients and to whom it is a practical certainty that enormous profits will accrue.The Greenwater district will, beyond a doubt, in record-breaking time become the heaviest producer of copper within a reasonable time in this or any other country, and in addition will be a heavy producer of gold, as no copper camp has ever been opened carrying so large values in gold in addition to the large values in copper.The opinion in which this section is held is shown by the high prices that have been reached bythe stocks of companies which are now operating in the district, only two of which have been financed, namely Patsey Clark's Furnace Creek company, and the Schwab property, the former selling in New York at $4.75 Saturday, and the latter at $3.25, and both of them with a capitalization of $3,000,000, of which by far the smaller portion is treasury stock. When the merit of the Greenwater Red Boy property is known, and it is well known in this section, it will be realized the great opportunity for profit we offer to our clients through the purchase of Red Boy stock at 35 cents per share. This property so far as surface showing and development has gone, shows greater values than that of either of the two above mentioned, and under the same energetic and capable management which has made the Frances-Mohawk, we are safe in our prediction that this stock will sell at par in the very near future and make a record of profit heretofore unexcelled within the same length of time.We recommend Red Boy stock in the strongest terms and advise its purchase, and as the remainder of our allotment will undoubtedly be greatly oversubscribed within the next week or ten days, we strongly recommend that you telegraph your order for the stock at the earliest possible moment and let remittance and subscription follow by first mail.Upon receipt of your telegram we will immediately report execution to you by wire, or if stock has been oversubscribed will telegraph you that fact and give you ruling quotations on the Goldfield Mining Stock Exchange and San Francisco Stock and Exchange Board, where the stock has been listed.The management also advises that the stock will be listed on the Boston Stock Exchange and also on the Philadelphia Exchange, thus affording a ready market in all parts of the country, although the bulk of the trading will undoubtedly be in Goldfield and possibly San Francisco, at which points the great merit of the stock and property is better known.How We Won the World's Record for Mine Making and Dividend PayingWe organized, promoted and financed the Frances-Mohawk, selling the stock to our clients at 14 1-2 cents and 19 cents per share cash, now quoted at 75-80 cents per share and none offered. Fifty-nine days from date of organization of the Company, the company's lease was fully equipped, developed to a depth of 220 feet and had a car of high grade ore in the sampler. Just 100 days from the date of organization of the Company, September 19, a dividend of five cents a share, amounting to $45,000, was declared payable October 6th, 1906, which is less than four months of organization of Company and commencement of development. This breaks all the world's records and is now being duplicated by the same Company on the Frances mine, which is also the property of the Frances-Mohawk Mining & Leasing Company, and by the Greenwater Red Boy Copper Company.WE ADVISED THE PURCHASE OF FRANCES-MOHAWK AT 14 1-2 and 19 CENTS. We NOW ADVISE THE PURCHASE OF GREENWATER RED BOY AT 35 CENTS.WHAT FRANCES-MOHAWK HAS DONE GREENWATER RED BOY WILL DO AND IS NOW DOING. BUY GREENWATER RED BOY.TELEGRAUH YOUR ORDER NOW. TOMORROW MAY BE TOO LATE.Buy Goldfield Madonna, Frances-Mohawk and Red Boy



Mackenzie & Co. p 3
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