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WHEN Jim Butler found the Mizpah silver bonanza that gave birth to Tonopah he started a mining excitement which, spreading over Nevada, added in ten years four hundred million dollars to the wealth of the state. Prospectors from every part of the North American continent hurried to Nevada, the Land of Promise, and their keen search revealed the hiding place of many rich treasures that had awaited the coming of man. New camps sprang up over night following quickly on the heels of new discoveries. The automobile, then a novelty, was pressed into service and became an important factor in the rapid development of mines. The fever spread to every part of the world and fortunes were won on the stock marketspage oneRILEY GRANNAN'S FUNERALAn Oration by W. H. Knickerbocker at Rawhide, Nevada, April 3rd, 1908




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