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EulogyTORileyGrannanof great cities as well as from the mines in desert ranges. Nevada was born again.Jim Butler was a prospector-rancher who lived near the old camp of Belmont, capital of Nye county which comprises an area as large as all the New England states. Legends of the day say that Butler was also a very good poker player, and that he was on the way home from a pay-day game at Klondyke when he found the Mizpah. He selected as partners "Wilse" Brougher, a neighbor and old crony, and Tasker L. Oddie, a young attorney who was practicing at mining. Oddie had come to Nevada from New York a year or two before to look after the Stokes mining interests, then operating extensively in Nevada with headquarters at Austin. His connection with the Mizpah brought his talents into prominence; he was elected Governor and now is serving the state as United States Senator, his second term. Butler and Brougher have gone from this world leaving tender memories of generosity and helpfulness to the less fortunate and a staunch honesty that is somewhat rare.It was dusk of a bleak November day in 1900 that Butler, Brougher and Oddie arrived at the scene of the Mizpah discovery in a decrepit old wagon with a scant assortment of miner's tools. They had driven fifty miles behind a slow team over indifferent roads, facing a cold wind. Their only shelter was a soil-stained piece of tarpaulin rigged to one side of the wagon box. TheirPAGE TWO




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