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brilliant and temperamental, with original views and interpretations of the Bible and religious matters that brought him into conflict with church authorities. Tried for heresy, be was acquitted but the incident imbittered him and he resigned his pastorate and withdrew from the ministry. Tonopah then was electrifying the world with stories of the riches of its mines, and to Tonopah went Knickerbocker.In the silver camp he engaged in a theatrical venture but with no success. Then came the discovery of gold at Goldfield and there Lady Luck smiled upon him. He disappeared from his Nevada haunts for awhile, returning to recoup his wasted fortunes at Rawhide. In the night life there he met Riley Grannan and found qualities in this wastrel to admire. When after a night at the gaming tables Grannan, heavy loser and broke again, went forth to a round of dissipation at the resorts of the town and contracted pneumonia which brought an end to his life in this world, Knickerbocker left his work on a windlass to speak the words of farewell over the body of his friend.The mortal remains of Riley Grannan lie beneath the blue-grass sod of Old Kentucky, where he first saw the light of day. Knickerbocker, chastened in spirit, has returned to the ministry where his experience in the wild mining camps of Nevada has brought to him a wisdom and a knowledge of life that eminently fit him to guide the steps of his parishioners from evil ways. But in his mindPAGE SEVENOration by W. H. Knickerbocker




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