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EulogytoRileyGrannanPAGE TWELVE"Not so with Riley Grannan. If I have gauged his character correctly, he accepted the circumstances surrounding him as the mystic officials to whom the universe had delegated its whole office concerning him. He seemed to accept both defeat and victory with equanimity. He was a man whose exterior was as placid and gentle as I have ever seen, and yet when we look back over his meteoric past we can readily understand, if this statement be true, that he was absolutely invincible in spirit. If you will allow me, I will use a phrase most of you are acquainted with. He was a 'dead game sport.' I say it not irreverently, but fill the phrase as full of practical human philosophy as it will hold, and I believe that when you say one is a 'dead game sport' you have reached the climax of human philosophy."I believe that Riley Grannan's life fully exemplified the philosophy of these verses:"It's easy enough to be happy When life flows along like a song; But the man worth while Is the man who will smile When everything goes dead wrong."For the test of the heart is trouble, And it always comes with the years. And the smile that is worth The homage of earth




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