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SYNOPSISContestants—"Battling" Nelson "Joe" CansPurse—$30,000Nelson's Share—$20,000, win or loseCans' Share—$10,000 win or loseWeight, at Ringside— 135 poundsLength of Contest— To a finishReferee—George SilerMaster of Ceremonies— L. M. SullivanCalendar of Events Preliminary to Contest-Goldfield Athletic Club organized.-"Tex" Rickard wires for fight between Britt and McGovern.-$5,000 purse guaranteed by wire for fight.-Nolan wired Club that Nelson would fight Clifford.-$20,000 offered by Club for Nelson-Gans match.-Nolan wires demand for $30,000 purse.-$52,000 raised among Athletic Club members in three hours; a total of $110,000 was raised intwenty-four hours.-Gans wired he would meet Nelson. Thirty thousand dollars for purse deposited in John S. Cook Bank.-San Francisco offered $40,000 and Sacramento $42,500 for the match. Nolan wires he is en route to Goldfield.-"Tex" Rickard meets Nolan at Reno. Gans arrived in Goldfield.-Rickard and Nolan arrived.-Gans and Nolan disagree over purse. Gans designates L. M. Sullivan his manager.-Preliminary agreement as to purse signed by Nolan and Gans.-Nelson arrived. Articles of agreement signed.NOTE—This, the greatest glove contest for the lightweight championship ever held in America, was arranged and "signed up" in the remarkably short period of twelve days. The purse is the largest guaranteed sum ever offered for such an event.July 30-July 30-July 31-Aug. 1-Aug. 2-Aug. 3-Aug. 3-Aug. 4-Aug. 6-Aug. 7-Aug. 8-Aug. 9-Aug. 10-Aug. ll-



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