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a schoolhouse was erected. Lastly—the women came to Goldfield. With their arrival, the roughness of the mining camp disappeared and the town began to "live up" to its opportunities. Then it might have been truly said that "Goldfield had arrived."Good order and government prevail at all times today in this marvelous little town on the desert. Its 10,000 inhabitants know that their lives, their property and their interests are safe and secure. They enjoy existence as do their neighbors of the luxurious large cities. Their incomes are large, their hopes for the future based upon the realities of the present, are the inspiration of their daily deeds. Their enthusiasm for Goldfield is nothing less than superb, and their efforts for Goldfleld's welfare arc unremitting.Gone are the days of the "wild cat," arrived long since the era of conservatism. With all the energy and honesty of purpose of which Western civilization alone is capable Goldfield has applied itself to the task of bringing its immense opportunities within the limelight of popular inspection. Firm is the belief that the fall of 1906 will see the big mines of the district recognized the world over as the richest gold deposits civilization has ever known, it has begun its campaign for general recognition with a sporting event that should prove memorable in the annals of the "ring."Those who represent it in this movement are men of high ideals and steadfast purpose. They are steadfast lovers of sport as they are successful pioneers of progress. Firm is their faith in their town, solid is their belief that here there is wealth enough for all. They extend to the country at large an invitation of genuine cordiality to come and see and profit.Brokers of the Goldfield Exchange Officers and Members of the Goldfield Stock Exchange H. T. Bragdon, President Milton M. Detch, Vice-President F . H. Lathrap, Secretary F. W. Carlton, Asst. Secretary Jno. S. Cook, Treasurer DIRECTORS H. T. Bragdon George Wingfield Thos. S. Robinson M. M. Detch H. D. MacMasters G. S. Johnson H. M. A. Elms Jno. S. Cook R. B. Colburn C. B. Higginson Walter Stone H. T. Bragdon James C. Connor John Jones J. P. Sweeney Frank H. Lathrap Richard Phoenix I). Mackenzie J. P. Kane John Donnellan John S. Cook Ernest Kennedy Peter J. Somer Henry Weber Milton M. Detch Frank H. Lathrap W. H. Whitmore L. L. Patrick John Donnellan H. B. Lind W. S. Williams R. L. Colburn A. C. Eisen F. J. Mack H. C. Stimler J. F. O'Brien Louis Regali M. J. Monnette Albert S. Watson MEMBERS S. H. Newton F. M. Dorsey W. H. Wells E. J. Amann A. J. Hiniker W. H. Parkison Henry Weber W. F. Bond A. H. Simpson J. F. O'Brien Morton & Cox W. J. Brewer F. E. Horton L. B. Hahn A. D. Myers C. H. Boyer C. W. Hays L. L. Patrick F. Champion E. C. Smith Ed Arkell A. J. Norton Henry D. Norris



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