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GOLDFIELD MINESGOLDFIELD'S leading mines, their values, their development to date, and their future is a subject so large and so interesting that volumes might fittingly be devoted to the story. Space limitation precludes more than a brief digest of the subject in this work, yet it may be that the stranger in the camp may glean some idea of their relative importance from the following description:The center of interest at this time, and deservedly, is the Mohawk. At this time the Mohawk on its forty acres, not as large as a small Eastern farm, is actually employing over 500 men. How successfully, the returns show. The output at this early point of development is actually more than $20,000. daily. No less than twelve hoisting plants are in operation with a combined horse-power of 300. The bulk of this work is confined to an araa of not more than five acres, and when the great ore bodies are thoroughly opened by company work after the evacuation of the lessees it is almost impossible to cal-culate the amount of high-grade ore which will be taken out. Rock has already been found in large quantities which has a value of $4 per pound and in the original Hayes and Monnette workings an eight-inch ribbon of ore was recently encountered which returns values of $100,560 to the ton or in excess of $50 to the pound.With a plant equipped to hoist from 200 to 300 tons daily it is easy to lose oneself in an Arabian Nights array of figures. One year ago Mohawk stock could be had for 15 cents per share, while recently it sold here on the local exchange for $4.90, and there is absolutely no limit to be placed upon the value of shares. The management is splendidly conservative and the investor can place his money in Mohawk for dividends with the certainty that his best interests are being safeguarded by the controllers, Nixon and Wingfield, with their efficient corps of assistants.The Daisy Mining Company is steadily and consistently, without ostentation, developing a property which, were the Mohawk not in the field, would be sufficient to make the camp famous. On this property Milton Detch and Wm. J. Brewer, the fortunate lessees, are picking ore, which for richnessMining Activity in Goldfieldprobably surpasses everything else in the district. In a four-foot ledge at least a foot of ore is present which is so rich in free gold and horn silver that the values given by assays are almost unbelieveable. The value of this rock is fixed at anywhere between $10,000 and $25,000 per ton. Although the balance of this ledge is very high-grade shipping ore and the lessees will before the expiration of the lease clean up hundreds of thousands of dollars, this is in reality a not over important feature in the scale of the company's operations. In the main workings there exists one of the biggest propositions a miner ever turned to. Here is a seventeen-foot ledge of quartz which has been proven up by sinking, cross-cutting and drifting on three different levels down to the 200-foot mark. Hundreds of feet of work has been done and the average of values maintained throughout the entire body, representing thousands of tons of ore, is about $300 to the ton.In addition to this great ledge another and parallel vein has recently been opened up on the 175-foot level at a distance of 120 feet south of the shaft. The values in this body are substantially the same as in the first lead. When it is considered that a mill which the company intends erecting at no very distant date can treat this ore at a cost of something like $6 a ton, it is readily seen how great will be the sums the future will witness in dividends. Already the company has signed a contract for the largest equipment ever introduced into the district which will upon its arrival be utilized in sinking a big three-compartment shaft to a depth of 1,000 feet. This will inaugurate the beginning of deep mining in Goldfield and the enterprise will be watched with great interest.The Red Top is in fact one of the greatest properties in the camp. An immense amount of development is under way and at every point of the maze-like system of cross-cuts and drifts ore is present. There is high-grade ore in large quantities and mill ore in mammoth bodies which will some day return millions to the coffers of the company.The great Red Top lead alone is estimated to be 165 feet wide and the entire body is worth milling. The Clermont lead, another great vein, has been developed in the property and carries values



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