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J. L. Lindsaysecure a profitable and sure investment, and a share in the millions to be produced from the greatest mine in Goldfieldand perhaps in the entire world.LOCAL CAPITALISTS SUBSCRIBE FOR STOCKThe very best recommendation that could be given this enterprise is the fact that subscriptions are coming in from home people who know the camp and know the opportunity presented by this company and the two leases now controlled by it. In all probability this will be the only offering of stock in the Rickard-Mohawk Leasing Company and those who wish to come in on the ground floor should wire orders at our expense, following the same with remittances by mail.STOCK WILL BE ALLOTTED IN ORDER RECEIVEDWe reserve the right to scale or reject any orders, and we therefore advise quick action. In all probability no more stock will be sold at any price, but in any event, should another allotment be offered it will be at an advanced price, probably not less than $1.00 per share. Every day will increase the value of this company's holdings and the minute it begins shipping there would be no object in selling more stock at any price.MAIN FACTS REGARDING THIS OPPORTUNITYFirst—The Rickard-Mohawk Leasing Company will not confine its operations to the two leases above referred to, but will secure other properties from time to time and become a steady and large dividend payer.Second—The officers and managers of this company are well known throughout the entire country as men of high reputation for their integrity and square dealing.Third—The Rickard-Mohawk lease on No. 2 has six months longer time to run than any other lease with one single exception on that, now famous property.Fourth—The Rickard-Mohawk lease is twice as large in territory as any other lease on Mohawk No. 2.Fifth—The Rickard-Mohawk lease is surrounded by large shippers and producers, the ore bodies of which are now opened practically to the line in several places, so that it is only a matter of a short time until this property can begin shipping on a large scale.Sixth—The Rickard-Mohawk lease alone would warrant the capitalization of this company, and the stock with this lease only is worth $1 per share as a speculation. But in addition to this, the company owns a controlling interest in the Kalfus lease on the Gold Wedge, which has already opened the ore body on the 180-foot level, and will probably begin shipping as soon as a hoisting plant can be erected. This lease also would warrant a capitalization nearly as large.Seventh—The operations of the Rickard-Mohawk Leasing Company will be under the supervision of Joseph H. Hutchinson, one of the most practical mining men in the country and a man of thorough and wide experience in operating and superintending mines. •Eighth—The stock of this company will be listed on the Goldfield Stock Exchange and a ready market made for it, so that investors desiring to take profits at any time may do so.Ninth—The Rickard-Mohawk Leasing Company is not a stock selling scheme, but a business enterprise, only a small interest of which will be offered for sale. The proceeds from every share sold will go into the treasury of the company and not into promoters' pockets, and in all probability this will be the only opportunity investors will have to secure stock in this company. It will positively be the only opportunity to secure it at the low price of 25 cents per share.Webster Bishop



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