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JOHN DOUGLAS CAMPBELLJOHN DOUGLAS CAMPBELL is general superintendent of the L. M. Sullivan Trust Company's properties. Mr. Campbell has been associated with Nevada mining interests for three years, and is undoubtedly the most widely known mining engineer in the State. For eight years before coming to Tonopah, he was in charge of Sam New-house's interests in Colorado, and in that State he likewise possesses an enviable reputation. He first came to Tonopah three years ago. Associating himself with John McKane, he became interested in several of the leading Goldfield properties of note.From the Kernick & Fuller-McDonald leases on the Jumbo they took out $1,000,000 gross in one year's time. Then taking hold of the Quartzite lease at Diamondfield they produced $200,000 of ore in a few months, and followed this up by the record production from the famous Reilly lease on the Florence mine of $650,000 in two months. In April of this year, Mr. Campbell took general charge of the Sullivan properties, which are mainly located at Manhattan. He is president and general manager of the Stray Dog and Indian Camp Companies, and vice-president and general manager of the Jumping Jack mine.THE COMBINATION FRACTIONONE of the properties which is most prominent in the public eye at this time, and for which the brightest future may be predicted is the Combination Fraction. This piece of ground, consisting of ten acres, joining the Florence, side-lining the Jumbo, and end-lining the Mohawk, was located on September 26, 1903, by T. D. Murphy and A. D. Myers. At that time claims were not valued as highly as during the last year, and when the locators were offered $20,000 for their fraction it was doubtless a strong temptation to sell.Murphy and Myers had such faith in their ground, however, that they never wavered their determination to hold on, and since that time they have had the satisfaction of rejecting an offer of over a quarter of a million for the fraction.In April, 1905, the Combination Fraction Mining Company was organized and A. D. Myers appointed president and general manager. T. D. Murphy was elected vice-president. Mr. Myers, who has also managed the Mohawk, has applied the same system of development to both properties with excellent results. There have been several leasers operating on the property for some time.The company's shaft is now 285 feet deep and has developed great bodies of mill ore. A raise which has been worked from the 260-foot level to the 200-foot depth in a ledge ranging in width from eighteen inches to four feet, carries values from $30 to $4,804. Stoping will begin at once.Among the lessees may be mentioned T. L. Lindsey & Company, T. L. Oddie, Loftus and Davis and J. P. Sweeney.The famous Reilly lease on the Florence, which yielded half a million in fifty days, was within 150 feet of the Combination Fraction ground. When the first of January rolls around and the Mohawk leases have expired, Mohawk ground, in all probability will no longer be leasable. This will make Combination Fraction the most sought-after ground by leasers in all the district.During the last few weeks the shares of stock on the market have advanced to over $1. How much higher they will go is problematical. Myers and Murphy have never parted with any of their stock and the major part of it is very closely held.



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