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high. It is an enormous body of ore, measuring many thousands of cubic feet above the surface, and assaying from $40 to $350 a ton, standing out in plain view of the beholder.The Clark dyke has recently been purchased by Captain A. H. Mayne of Goldfield. Associated with him in the purchase are Judge George W. Bartch of Salt Lake City, who a few days since resigned from the Supreme Bench of Utah to devote his attention to Ramsey and this very dyke; H. T. Brag-don, president of the Goldfield Mining Company; I. J. Gay, assistant cashier of the John S. Cook & Co.'s Bank; James Deegan, cashier of the Nye & Ormsby County Bank, and Ed Meade. A company has been incorporated to work this property and is known as the Ramsey Comstock Mining Company.The southwest extension of the dyke was originally located by the Towle brothers of Fort Churchill, and was purchased by John Reynolds and Thomas S. Robinson & Company of Goldfield, and is incorporated under the name of the Ramsey Mining Company. Their ground cuts the south end of the dyke, and three leases have been let on it, commencing 200 feet from the north end, which is reserved by the company. A cross-cut on one of these has disclosed a vein with assay values across a sixteen-inch streak, running from $100 to $300 per ton. Among the leasers are Wood Elkins, who made $575,000 leasing in Goldfield. He is working six men and has already completed a shaft to a depth of forty feet.While the Clark vein is the great strike so far made in the district, it is by no means the only one. At a number of different places in the district, covering a distance of six miles northerly and southerly, by four miles easterly and westerly, strong veins showing good ore have been found. OneThe Town of Ramseyhears a frequent remark made by the men who have made Goldfield a world-famous producer, "It is only a question of prospecting—then another Comstock."Many old Comstockers declare that the history of the Comstock will again be repeated, as they recognize the fact that the district is only eighteen miles from the famous old Comstock lode, the greatest mine discovery of all ages, with its output of $650,000,000, and it not only lies in the same range of mountains, but the formation is the same.THE TOWN OF RAMSEYRamsey townsite was laid out, and the first lots sold on July 12th, less than six weeks ago. Today nothing is available within a radius of twelve blocks, except at fabulous prices, and only recently the writer overheard a refusal of $1,500 for a twenty-five-foot lot in the center of the business section. Three weeks before that time the lot had been purchased from the townsite company for $75.Straws tell which way the wind blows, and refusals of this kind daily demonstrate the faith those already on the ground have in the permanency and growth of the new mining town. Tents, of which 100 grace the townsite with their snowy whiteness, are rapidly being replaced by substantial frame buildings, and everywhere, and at almost all hours of the day and night, can be heard the rasp of the saw and blow of the hammer as the crude material is being whipped into the form of business blocks and dwellings.In five weeks Ramsey has grown into a town of 600 people, and contains four stores, two restaurants, one hotel, one assay office, one real estate and brokerage firm, one feed yard and six saloons. All business lines are doing a rushing business. Mr. Bryan, the pioneer restaurant man, stated last week that he is accommodating from 75 to 100 men at a meal, and would be compelled to increase the size of his building, which, by the way, was the first frame building in the new mining town.



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