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TWO MINES THAT HAVE MADE THE GOLDFIELD DISTRICT FAMOUSTHE Jumbo was the second great property to be opened up in the Goldfield District. It is certain that this mine were it not for interruptions due to litigation would today be the greatest producer of the country south of Tonopah.The Jumbo and Florence mines were located by Charles D. Taylor on May 19th, 1903. In the prospecting of the first few days three feet of ore was discovered near the surface which assayed $135 a ton.The Jumbo Mining Company of Goldfield was organized on March 23, 1904. John McKane of Tonopah held a 10 per cent interest, George A. Kernick 30 per cent, and C. D. Taylor and H. L. Taylor 42 per cent of the stock, the balance going to other parties. Not one share of treasury stock of the company has ever been sold. It is the boast of the company that it has always remained intact.The company owns four full sized claims, 1,600 by 1,500 feet. Shortly after incorporating a number of leases of 100 feet each were let. From these leases more than $1,000,000 was drawn out during their life. Litigation on the property stalled operations for a lengthy period, but Mr. Taylor has at length succeeded in settling despite this. A large amount of money will be spent on the mine shortly and it will be opened up in a thoroughly systematic manner. C. D. Taylor, the president of the company, is one of Goldfield's most prominent men. Both he and his brother, H. L. Taylor, vice-president of the company, are recognized as being among the men who have done most for Nevada.The Red Top mine is in every way in the same class as the Jumbo, although its history does not extend back quite so far. Estimates of the amount of ore blocked out in the workings of the Red Top are from $2,000,000 to $3,000,000.The Red Top claims were likewise located by Charlie Taylor. After staking the Jumbo claims he noticed a reddish brown outcropping to the north that possessed many indications of mineralization. It has been said often without contradiction that Taylor paid for the survey of the Red Top with 300,000 shares of stock, now representing a valuation of $300,000. There is at the mine at present more than $300,000 worth of ore in sacks which has not been marketed owing to the excessive transportation charges.The officers of the Red Top, known as the "Red Top bunch," are: C. D. Taylor, president and general manager; J. B. Menardi, vice-president; R. S. Colburn, secretary and treasurer; W. E. Hughey, auditor, and H. L. Taylor, superintendent.THE JUMBO AND THE RED TOP



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