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We Are Successful Money-MakersIf you are the owner of "lazy" dollars, let us show you how to make them energetic. Why let your money earn only three or four per cent in some "sleepy" bank when we can invest it for you where it will increase from 50 to 1,000 per cent in a year. Do you think it impossible? Compare the price of Goldfield stocks, for instance, of a year ago with what they are selling for now. Many have increased at least 1,000 per cent. Those who have taken our advice have made thousands of dollars.We represent companies operating in Goldfield, Ramsey, Manhattan and Bullfrog, and they all have ore and will prove dividend-payers.If you are anxious to make money, drop us a line and we will tell you how it is done.The G. S. Clack Brokerage Co., Inc."We Need No References" : : : : : GOLDFIELD, NEVADARIGALI BROS. COMPANYCOMMISSION STOCK BROKERSMembers Goldfield Mining Stock Exchange. Represented on all the leading exchanges. All orders executed promptly. Information regarding all Nevada mining stocks cheerfully given ::::::::242 COLUMBIA ST. P. O. Box 1069 GOLDFIELD, NEVADATHE accompanying photo is of two well known characters of the Goldfield District, that of "Bluch" and his master, J. L. Kal-fus. These two are inseparable. A stauncher friend than "Bluch" no man ever had. The lease known as the Kalf us is the oldest on the Mohawk property. Partners come and partners go with Mr. Kalfus, but he has stuck like a brick to the ground he has placed his confidence and his money in.The courage of his own conviction has been rewarded within the last few months by heavy shipments of ore and big profits now show on the ledger.Mr. Kalfus is president of the High-for-Luck Mining Company of Lida. The property of the company lies between the Blue Dick and Golden Chariot mines on Lida Bell Mountain.In addition to his Mohawk lease Mr. Kalfus is leasing the Gold Wedge claim on the Jumbo Extension and also on the Velvet. Both leases are showing up exceedingly well.



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