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A. S. Halsted telegram to Frank R. McNamee, August 7, 1922

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Form 2191-B TELEGRAM Time Filed _______A.M. SYMBOL X CLASS OF SERVICE REQUIRED Indicate by X in proper line the class of service required. Do not specify preferred service if other service will answer the purpose. Px Dx Nx Preferred Immediate delivery Day Delivery during day Night Delivery by next morning. Salt Lake City, Utah, August 7th, 1922. F.R. McNamee, c/o Hotel Arlington and A. Patterson, Clerk, U.S. Court, Carson City, Nevada. Have consulted with Mr. Calvin and suggest following course of action: Affidavit of Zentmyer mailed to you Saturday and should reach you this morning. You will note he could only identify one man but he has been served with injunction and think you should proceed at once to secure citation for contempt. Even though party may have skipped out of issue citation will have good effect. Suggest you do not proceed against women assaulters of wife of employee until we investigate farther as to whether guilty parties had knowledge of injunction STOP On the fourth Fullmer wired Mueller not to make arrests except for direct interference with mails or interstate commerce but to report violations of injunction to his office. Understand Mueller interprets this to relieve him from patrolling shop grounds and to confine his activities to passenger station. While instructions not to arrest for violation of injunction may be technically correct wish you would endeavor to get marshal and district attorney to have instructions issued that in case of flagrant violations of injunctions coming to notice of deputy marshal he should arrest parties or at least keep them under surveillance until citation is issued. Believed they are justified in stretching



A. S. Halsted telegram to Frank R. McNamee, August 7, 1922
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