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sold his Cottonwood ranch to the railroad company and boughta half interest in the Towner ranch at Indian Springs. Thishe soon sold and returned to Ohio, where he married. He isstill living there.After my return from Los Angeles, Harry and I resumed workupon the Webster. We leased Campbell's 3/4 interest in the mineat 20% royalty, a reduction of 5% from the former royalty.We sunk a shaft upon the hill top, about 30 feet deep and tookout 12 tons of ore which was milled in November. The resultswere disappointing, as it yielded only about $25 per ton.During this work I was painfully hurt by a rock falling fromas the bucket/Harry was landing it. It bumped my left arm prettyseverly and cut a gash in my scalp.After this milling we concluded to go ahead and stope out what ore we had in sight. This, we had milled about the middle of December. It produced about the same as the previous milling, but later some of the unretorted amalgam yielded me $94. We had a little less than 10 tons. These two poor millings were a grevious disappointment to me as I had planned to visit my home in Kansas that winter. During this fall I gave my note for $250 with A. G. Campbell as security for the remaining 1/8 interest in the Webster still held my William Smith.I made a short trip to Los Angeles late in December of that year.Upon my return I took out about two tons of ore which was near the surface where we had been working and had it sampled and bought by Mr. Campbell. It sampled about $30 per ton.After this I went to work for my friend, William Russell



Frank Williams memoir, page 19
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