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Convention. I started west again early in August and went to Pueblo, Colorado.I there called upon my friend, Fred Humphrey, whom I had known during my first year in the west. He was working in the smelter in Pueblo and I was temped to go to work there, too. I had grown tired of the lonesomeness of the desert and craved some social advantages.However, it looked as if I would have to wait severaldays, at least to get work, and their wages were quite low,so I boarded the train and left for Albuquerque, New Mexico.Arriving in Albuquerque, I walked out to Canon Diablo, orHell's Canon, twenty miles to the southeast to see the elderMr. Humphrey for whom I had worked in Goodsprings. He andanother man whose name I cannot recall, were developing waterand otherwise preparing to build a mill upon a large gold bearingledge upon which they and others, had an option. This depositmeasured one thousand feet in length by average of one hundred feetin width. In one place it measured in width one hundred andforty-two feet. All of it panned a little gold and they claimedthat it averaged about $5.00 per ton. The mill which they finallybuilt during the following winter was a new type, called the "Elspass"a and failed to save the gold, thus wrecking their hopes of/producirgmine. Unable to get any work in this locality, I worked upon aranch near Albuquerque for about a month and then returned toVanderbilt. Here I worked at various mining jobs until late inDecember when I made another trip to Kansas. At this time myby parents made an arrangement regarding their property/which mybrothers Will and Harry and I were given eighty acres of land,formerly the "Anderson Place" as our share. There was a $1000



Frank Williams memoir, page 22
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