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was planning to go through. We struck fairly good water at adepth of about 100 feet, but did not realize much out of it.During that winter, 1901-02, there was a brisk overland travelalong the road from Utah, through Las Vegas, to Los Angeles.Preliminary work upon the railroad was started at severalpoints. During that winter my brother Will and I sold ourKansas farm to John Bristow of Wetmore, Kansas, for $1500 net.Mr. Bristow still owns it.After finishing this well, I took a leasing bond upon theHoodoo claira ovmed by Mr. Root for $1500 and began work upon it.In April of that year (1902) my brothers Harry and Tommy cameout from Kansas. Tommy was but sixteen years old and in poorhealth. After working upon the Hoodoo claim until June, Tommyend I went to Los Angeles, where I again went to work on athreshing machine near Redondo. A few days after our arrivalTommy returned to Goodsprings and went to Wilson's ranch forabout a month. Then he went to work in the Keystone boardinghouse and stayed there several months. Returning to Goodspringsin September of that year, I worked in the store at Sandy, Nevadafor about four months. During this time my brother John cameout from Kansas and went to work at the Keystone mine. I quitthe store and resumed work upon the Hoodoo mine, in January, 1903.In May, I shipped about ten tons of lead ore. I did a few dayswork that summer for Mr. Root upon his Bonanza Hill claims.Later I did some assessment work at Crescent, and worked abouta month for Guy Hardison, of Los Angeles, upon the Bullion and Bulwar claims, in East Crescent. In the fall of that yearmy brother Will came out from Kansas. We did several jobs ofassessment work and early in 1904 went to Crescent where wedid assessment work upon claims there which I owned.



Frank Williams memoir, page 27
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