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year (1906) I went to work for a Massachusetts Company at the "Double Up Mine" in Potosi Mountain.Another political campaign was coming along and I announced my candidacy for re-election to the legislature. I was elected by a safe majority. After election I worked upon my elaims in Crescent until time to go to Carson for the session.I boarded at Miss Smith's boarding house that winter. Iroomed with Levi Syphus. Was appointed Chairman of the Waysand Means Committee and was fairly successful with my bills.Returning to Goodsprings after the lesiglature adjourned, Iworked on the Hoodoo all spring and summer. We incorporatedour claims in Goodsprings and Crescent into the Kansas-NevadaMining and Company in July of that year. Late in thefall I went over to Crescent and worked upon our claims thereuntil January, 1908, when Gov. John Sparks called an extra sessionof the legislature on account of Goldfield labor troubles. Iserved upon a committee that drafted the State Police Law. Thesession lasted nineteen days, after which I returned to Goodsprings.Later I went over to Crescent and spent most of that year, 1908,working there upon our company claims. I had two or three menhired most of the time. We failed, however, to open up any worthwhile ore. I concluded to run for Regent of the University thatyear and went as a Lincoln County delegate to the DemocraticState Convention in Tonopah, where I was nominated for the longterm (four year) University Regent. Though bitterly opposedby the radical labor element in Nevada, I was elected by a substantial majority. I went to Reno early in January, 1909, and was sworn in as Regent.Six weeks later I attended a regularly called meeting ofthe Board and after that meeting made a harried trip to Kansasand from there to Boston, where I spent a few days.



Frank Williams memoir, page 29
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