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W. H. Comstock to A.S. Halsted and C. P. Smith telegram, July 10, 1922

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Form 2191-B TELEGRAM SYMBOL X CLASS OF SERVICE REQUIRED Indicate by X in proper line the class of service required. Do not specify preferred service if other service will answer the purpose.Time filed .M. Px Dx Nx Preferred Immediate delivery Day Delivery during day Night Delivery by next morning8-13 VG.MT.U Las Vegas Nev 9.20 a.m July 10th, 1922A.s.Halsted,C.P. Smith, X-9Los Angeles.E.E. Calvin, SaltLake and Omaha *****Mr. Calvin says every effort should be made secure depbif {injunction} against all fewguz {strikers} atledvuf {Las Vegas} and kuvfix {Caliente} keeping them off our property and intimidating our employes at both points and assaulting them at ledvuf {Las Vegas} where kisduz 3 fexjeq {such} acts have occurred but nodugtov {overt} acts at kuvfix {Caliente} so far and to confer with your as to advisability making application to foxdow {U.S.} bowgyd {Court}. Have conferred with McNamee who urges depbif {injunction} both points immediately.If succeed in securing depbif {injunction} now, in your opinion, can same be bydkun {enforced} as bofnaw {County andCity} bezkuf {authorities} both places in fiddoz s{ympathy} with fewguz {strikers}. McNamee wires from kuvfix {Caliente} thateven with additional dakzoz g{uards} we are arrnaging for that point fewguz {strikers} will probably byfnur {enter}fyqpog {yards} and bextat a[ttempt} take fijlab {them} dufsag {out} which will mean byvduw {force} bejjum {against} byvduw {force} as our diwtig {men} are not buhmom {deputized} and are fovbuw {un} beswiz {armed}. He says depbif should be requested through bynwen kuwfym and bolten prepared in legsuf where we have data on heads of various dozpuq and names of fewguz both points should be dezzim as bufkuns. McNamee says very urgent that depbif or other means dybtin be furnished dyfvis as they are balgiz babfosdigwaj babbop and without adequate dybtin. As all shop forces at both points went out one hundred percent you can secure dilgeb dokkaz from mechanical department payrolls in Auditor's office.Answer quickly and advise what you feel bipqub fidnaxbe to bydkun if we succeed in securing same.Original A.S.H. copy EEC FRM CPS LC C-613 W:H.Comstock 947 a.m.



W. H. Comstock to A.S. Halsted and C. P. Smith telegram, July 10, 1922
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