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Frank R. McNamee telegram to C. P. Smith and A. S. Halsted, July 9, 1922

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1-16 CS. SD. U. Caliente 11.50 pm July 9-22. C.P. Smith, and A.S. Halsted, LOS ANGELES. C-597. Have had no word from Halsted. Even with the Befqeb {additional} Dakzoz {guard} dytjam {requested} by Kehluv {Carey} when we dysfot {replace} diwtig {men} here fewguz {strikers} will probably byfnur {enter} fyqpog {yards} and bextat {attempt} to take fijlab {them} dufsag {out} which will mean byvduw {force} bejjum {against} byvduw {force}, as our diwtig {men} besbav {are not} buhmom {deputized} and are batjil {un} badkiv {arm} bahdak {ed}. Doptev {not} fexlap {sufficient} grounds dawjem {here} as yet to duxwim {procure} depbif {injunction} from bynwen {Fed Court}as we have had domkoq {no} dugtov {overt act} or fimjut {threat} batvap {vi} banven {ol} bahjyl {ence} or bukgoj {destruction} duzson {property} but probably could secure depbif {injunction} as fewguz {strikers} have dafmat {gathered} on our duzson {property} here and detbij {intimidated} bybtad {employees}. No doubt sufficient cause to favmoz {secure} depbif {injunction} both grounds ledvuf {Las Vegas}. If depbif {injunction} requested it should be in bynwen {Federal Court} kuwfym {Carson City} and bolten {complaint} should be prepared in legsuf {L.A.} where they have data on dojkaz {name} of davmit {head} orders and we can furnish dojkaz {names} of prominent fewguz {strikers} dawjem {here} and from ledvuf {Las Vegas} who should be dezzim {joined} as bufkun {defts [defendants]}. Not advisable in my judgement bytbut {for me} fiwkyk {to leave} dawjem {here} or bamjez {le} babfos {o} fiwkyk {to leave} ledvuf {Las Vegas}. Has bepfev {appeal} been made to dajlig {Governeor} kehbex {Boyle} for dybtin {protection} and if so what result. Fufpyz {Very} fubjid {urgent} that bakzis {in} balsaf {ju} banjeb {nc} basnux {ti} batsiv {ve} or other dyphux {relief} be furnished dyfvis {quickly} as fukzoh {we are} devlep {is} babfos {o} digwaj {late} B,babbop {d} and fymbom {without} befvom {adequate} dybtin {protection}. Original to WHC, copy to A.S.H., C.P.S. M-102 F.R. McNamee, 1155 p.m.



Frank R. McNamee telegram to C. P. Smith and A. S. Halsted, July 9, 1922
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