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Aug 16 M107

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Form 2191 TELEGRAM SYMBOL X CLASS OF SERVICE REQUIRED Indicate by X in proper line the class of service required. Do not specify preferred service if other service will answer the purpose.Time filed .M. Px Dx Nx Preferred Immediate delivery Day Delivery during day Night Delivery by next morning9OZ U XNLos Angeles 640pm Aug 16 22A.S Halsted, Las VegasM-107. Yes. Bahsaz {?} bafvaz {es} baqpip {rt} left ledvuf {Las Vegas} today for litkog{St. Thom}. Possiblysome diwpum {members of} bahsaz baqpip able butqof if regular butsas {drivers} fozwyb [unwilling to} go fimlag {through}. Perhaps you may be able to secure fejwit {some one} lelniv {?} willing butqof fimlag {through}. Orig AM Copy ASH. X-571 W H Comstock 644 pm



Aug 16 M107
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