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C.O. Whittemore letter to J. Ross Clark, January 16, 1904, page 2

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J.R.C. -2 - In view of the importance of having this matter determined as quickly as possible, I suggest that you write direct to Dr. Bracken, giving him your views and instructions. I enclose herewith a letter from Mrs. Bishop, dated the 4th inst., and would suggest that in writing Dr. Bracken it might be well for him to give Mrs. Bishop's men and teams some employment, in order that they may at least make their expenses while waiting to know about the lease of the Kiel Ranch. In conclusion, I desire to repeat the suggestion that these ranches be operated under one management and that it would be very much better for the Railroad to employ a good man to take care of them than to lease them to anybody. Inside of a year we might want to do considerable work in the way of improving the property, as well as laying out and establishing yards, etc., and all such work may conflict with the interests of a tenant. I also think that a corporation ought to be formed as soon as possible to take over the title and management of this property, as suggested to you while I was in Los Angeles. I hope you had a safe and pleasant journey home and found Mrs. Clark and family well, and that you left the Senator in an improved state of health. Yours very respectfully, C.O. Whittemore



C.O. Whittemore letter to J. Ross Clark, January 16, 1904, page 2
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