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J.K.W. Bracken to J. Ross Clark p 3

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page 3I do. May have to make a trip over in Utahafter some help. Or if you should decide tolet me go to Colorado and buy some bulls may be able to pick up a good man there to punch cows and break a few of these wild horses.I have just written Mr. Smith about the cropsand accounts- but it takes almost endlessletters to explain things out here and I hatelong letters. Wish either you or Mr. Smith could come out here for a few days thenyou would grasp the situation & we would have a better understanding. I do notadvise extensive improvements, but thereare a few repairs that should be made here.And I think adobes are the most ecimomical way ofmaking them. Think I can get adobes made oncutrate from $3to $4. pr thousand- and there is fairly good ground for it just above the house. Do youautherize me to have some made. There was no managerto lead them in but we have some temporarly fixed up. as $20-hay was expensive to waste feeding on the groundYours trulyJKW Bracken



J.K.W. Bracken to J. Ross Clark p 3
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