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¦¦¦;( 4 )mill. One dinner bell. One dining room clock. One dining room lamp. One lounge. Ten dining room chairs. One kitchen table.One dining table. Ten sauce dishes. Two Butter dishes. Onepepper box. One salt box. Two fruit dishes. Ten water glasses. Four axes.WATER. THE SPRINGS are situated at the west end of the ranch, and the water comes principally from three springs as notd on map made a part of this report. Those springs are on the S.E. 1/4 of the S.E.l/4 of Section 30, and on the N.E. 1/4 of the N.E. l/4 of Section 31. There are four or five other smaller springs on these same same quarter Sections, and several occur in the creek below. The springs arelocated abort 700 or 800 ft. east of the west end line of the ranch property and are sufficiently surrounded with land belonging to the ranch, to protect them.It is claimed that the water from all of these springs amounts to over 400 miner's inches, and I should judge this estimate to be correct but as I was set requested to determine this point, I did not attempt to make any measurements. I feel quite confident that the amount ofwater now coming to the surface can be greatly increased by a little development, such as opening up the small and clearing out the largersprings.I measured by means of tape and run north on section line between Sections 29 and 30, where I found four springs outside of the ranch property lines. The first one lies about 400 ft, north of the ranch line and 150 ft. west of the section line, which brings it in the N.E. 1/4 of the S.E. 1/4 of Section 30, the water from which flows down through the N.W. 1/4 of the S.W. 1/4 of Section 29, and I estimate the amount of water flowing from this spring to be about one inch. The next spring lies further north, being about 600 ft. from the ranch line and 75 ft. west of section line, located on a mound and is the highest water in this section of the valley. The flow of water from here would be less than half an inch at present, but I have no doubt



Report on Las Vegas Ranch page 4
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