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( 6 )to be somewhat rough and unfit for cultivation, but may be necessary for other purposes. I find the land outside of the Stewarts' holdings at the N.E. or lower end to be good smooth land if watered, which is the same condition of most all the land near by. I am told water can be found at a depth of 10 ft. on Sections 25 and 26.The fences are generally set in off the property line about 30 ft. with four good wires on mesquite posts about 38 ft. apart. The posts are mostly all rotted off close below the surface, showing this kind of a post unfit for fencing. The fences will al1 have to be repaired soon.I find a piece of land in the S.W. corner of Section 25 comprising nearly 80 acres, and owned by a man in California, which has been fenced by the Stewarts, who simply agreed to fence for the use of it. William Stewart told me he would build a new fence here on hie own line, thereby cutting out the piece mentioned.There are several small springs down the valley from three to ten miles east of the ranch, where the range stock go for water, and these are owned by different parties, but none of them are included in the Stewart property. It might be well to secure these later.I find the extent of the stock range tobe from three to four miles wide, and about 14 miles long, which I consider to be sufficient for aboat five or six hundred head of stock. The feed consists of sacatone, salt, sand and Gietta grasses, Indian cabbage, wild holyhoke and Mesquite beans. A well in the lower part of the valley shows that the water is within ten feet of the surface. All of the stock I have seen so far are very common and only in a fair condition for range stock. The horses are generally small and quite wild. The cattle are much the same. Since I have been unable to get all the stock together inorder to count them, I am unprepared to state how many there are. Thismay take ten days yet to determine, and I will report the same as soonas possible.I find no one here that I would recommend to take charge of the place. 1 believe a man should be chosen who has s knowledge ofgeneral farming and stock raising, aa well as having considerable execut-ive ability and intelligence. such a man can be found, but not here.



Report on Las Vegas Ranch page 6
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