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H. I. Bettis to J. Ross Clark p 4

J.R.C.-4Z.C.M.I., Salt Lake City, amounting to $290.18 and $375.60, respectively.The tissue book containing impression copies of Dr. Bracken's orders showed that he had just placed orders for goods,value of which would amount to something over $2000.00, this including potatoes, flour and oats in carload lots, this in addition to the invoices amounting to $1500.00 just mentioned.No record had "been kept of the cattle killed in each month, eitherthe number or the weight, but from a tally kept on a post at the corral Dr.Bracken informed me that 111 had been killed since he first took charge ofthe property.Until about two months ago the cattle were killed by the ranch employees, but of late they have been slaughtered and dressed by Mr. Tuck, a butcher who receives one cent per pound for his services.The dressed beef is weighed and from the sales of beef during the day is taken the amount in cash due the butcher. The net receipts account of beef sold during the past ten months was $1487.37, but it is ,impossihle to state how many cattle this represents. No record has been kept of meat used in the hotel. The prices ohtained in store for meat sold range according to cut, but quarters are sold for six cents per lb.Dr. Bracken advised that the cattle were very small and would dress from 275 lbs. to 300 lbs. each. I saw but two weighed, one of which was 452 lbs. and the other I believe was 380 lbs..The cattle are rather small, but the principal reason for light weight is, that they come direct from the range and have no fat on them. There were from 75 to 100 on the ranch in the enclosed fields, and Dr. Bracken estimated that there were 200 more on the range, some of the latter being very wild.
H. I. Bettis to J. Ross Clark p 4
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