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H. I. Bettis to J. Ross Clark p 5

J.R.C.-5The range-rider, who has probably a more accurate idea of the number on the range, thought there were 500 or 600 in all, and I understand that all the cattle on the range belong to us except a few head (about 16) belonging to the butcher.Opinions vary as to the cost of rounding up these cattle from 50 cents per head to $5.00 per head, the latter being the estimate given me by Dr. Bracken. Three men were out one day while I was there and brought in eleven and left two hobbled on the range, they being too wild to drive. The next day these men killed and dressed, (on the range) the two which had been hobbled the day before, and then late in the evening rounded up 22 more and drove them into the corral, or 35 in two days. At $2.00 per day per man this would be less than 35 cents per head.In my opinion we should get some stock men to go there at once and make bids on the cattle f.o.b. cars Las Vegas, we to round up all which can be driven to the railroad and shoot the wildest of them on the range, and the cost will probably not exceed from 50 cents to 75 cents per head. I should want a representative of this department to ride with the cowboys and inventory those loaded on the cars, this that we may not only know the number sold, but whether all on the range are gathered in.Dr. Bracken's offer of $3000.00 for the lot should not be accepted, at least until we have received bids from others, for if there are 500 or 600 in all and they net but $10.00 per head, they would be worth from $5000 to $6000. A man who has cattle on the range in the vicinity of Moapa said his would average $18.00 or more per head, and the cost of gathering not to exceed 30 cents per head.
H. I. Bettis to J. Ross Clark p 5
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