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H. I. Bettis to J. Ross Clark p 7

J.R.C.-7at a price not less than the inventory value of the goods plus freight charges from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas. Perhaps a bonus can be obtained by reason of the stock being now on the spot, avoiding the delay which would be necessary in ordering a new stock.The invoices for goods received since November 1st should be assumed by the purchaser and the receipts since same date turned over to purchaser. A nominal rental per month for store building should be charged purchaser until such time as he may move the stock to a new store located in the town. Dr. Bracken, speaking from the standpoint of a prospective purchaser, stated that in view of services rendered in the past, he thought we should not only charge no freight on the present stock, but should allow him to put in a large stock to begin with and allow it to be handled freight free. He further stated that he would like for us to make our pay checks for Las Vegas employees payable at his store so that he could be made secure for all credits to employees. If the store is sold we cannot afford to make any arrangements favorable to one store which are not as favorable to all. The owners of other stores are also patrons of the road, and all should be treated alike.Relative to the purchase of more land at Las Vegas: I heard that the President had ordered the purchase of certain parcels of land on which small springs were in evidence, also two pieces of eighty acres each to be added to the proposed townsite.As to the purchase of springs, I was advised that near the ranch house a well of ten or twelve feet in depth would furnish all the water required for domestic purposes, and on the mesa, where the town is to be located, a man had driven a pipe thirty-five feet and was unable to pump it dry. If this is a fact, it would not be advisable to purchase every
H. I. Bettis to J. Ross Clark p 7
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