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H. I. Bettis to J. Ross Clark p 8

J.R.C.-8section of land upon which a spring is discovered.As to the purchase of more land for townsite, it seems to me we have enough unless it can be bought very cheaply.As to the disposition of the ranch and other property: Unlessby experiment it should be found that wells driven near the proposed shopsite will furnish all the water needed, the water as it comes from thevarious springs should be piped to the location of the company's shopsand the townsite, and all not needed for our purpose and for use in theshould be town ^ delivered to the ranch on the east side of the tracks.The ranch and the other land purchased should be turned over toa townsite company, organized for the purpose, at an agreed valuation andin exchange for the entire capital stock of the townsite company. Theofficers and directors of the town company to be appointed by the Directorsof this Company.The first lots in the town should be sold at auction sale,not more than two to any one person, and alternate lots, or every thirdlot, reserved for future sale, the prices at private sale to be determinedby the Board of Directors of the town company and only after the auctionsale of the first lots. Employees of the company should not be given anypreference either in the price or location of lots purchased by them.From what I have seen at las Vegas and Caliente I believe it would be absolutely useless to attempt to make Las Vegas a prohibition town or to even limit the sale of liquors, except that a certain portion of the town could be reserved for residences, and in the deeds the sale of liquor prohibited in this section.The ranch proper could be leased, operated or sold, as thought most desirable by the Board of Directors.
H. I. Bettis to J. Ross Clark p 8
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