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J. Ross Clark to William McDermott, November 11, 1902

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60-A Nov. 11, 1902. Mr. Wm. McDermott, Las Vegas P.O., Lincoln Co., Nevada. Dear Sir:-Your favor of the 9th inst. from Good Springs received, and contents carefully noted. I note carefully what you say in regard to the cattle, also that the ranch should be surveyed in order to find the section corners, as there has evidently been a number of mistakes made and it might cut out part of the creek. On receipt of this, I wish you would arrange with Mr. McWilliams to have the lines run out and you can assist him. Make the best terms with him you can, at the same time I think he is reasonable in his charges.I also note what you say in regard to the graveyard plat reser-vation, and I hope you will get it set back far enough so it will notinterfere with our water. I will leave this to your own judgment, alsothat of Mr. McWilliams. Referring to cattle your suggestion in regard to getting them all together in the pasture is a good one, and if there is not 500 head all told,I hope you will insist on their [not] making any claim to any portion of the cattle, as I believe they guaranteed there would be over 500 head after they took out the 50 head which they claim. In case you allow them any cattle, I would insist on the brand being vented, and it is also important if they have any cattle, that they get them away from the range.I also note you expect to go and look at the timber after Mr. McWilliams completes his work on the land. I also think it is importantto have the water measured while you are there. Referring again to the cattle, if they are only entitled to



J. Ross Clark to William McDermott, November 11, 1902
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Letter is a response to McDermott's description of the Las Vegas Ranch in regards to cattle, the need for a new survey, and the Stewarts.
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