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John T. McWilliams telegram to W. H. Comstock, May 13-14, 1905

FORM 2600Gilbert Fine Art Co., Los Angeles, 12-12-04—100 M.Salt Lake RouteNUMBER SENTSENDERRECEIVER TIME SENTREC'D FROM SENDER RECEIVER TIME REC'DThis blank to be used only in Railroad Telegraph Service. After transmitting telegrams which, in their judgment, should have been sent by train mail, or which are in violation of the company's rules in any other way, operators will send copies of such telegrams to Supt. of Telegraph. All railroad messages must be written in ink on these blanks, and those for parties on trains (except trainmen) enclosed in sealed envelopes. The exact sending and receiving time, initial of sending and receiving operators, and signal of office with which business was done must be plainly noted in space provided for that purpose. In case of non-delivery notify sending office promptly.RED RED 1 GS. Y. FS.Walter Comstock144 Paid NightLas Vegas Nev May 13-14 1905Care J. Ross Clark,Los Angeles Cal. Understand that Mr. Clark is ill but I wish to notify you that auction cannot take place Monday because your surveys were only made today of which fact I have three witnesses beside myself to prove and just look up the law. It is simply another error of whittemores but just as serious as the one on ice plant and another one which I have not showed up because there is not a dollar in it without bribery and that I will not resort to I have given my word of honor to J.S. Park not to make any kind of a public holler as in the past because in future I will want lumber rates for my timber but I am showing up whittemores mistakes. Pass it all up to your best attorneys at once or I may take action answer.J.L.McWilliams1022am
John T. McWilliams telegram to W. H. Comstock, May 13-14, 1905
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