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William McDermott to J. Ross Clark, December 8, 1902 page 2

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2the remaining signature of Mrs Coffee her daughter. From there she goes to Salt Lake to present the deed to the bank according to agreement. I have completed the surveying and measurement of the water and Mr McWilliams will go down in the morning he will furnish me his bill and if found correct I will OK it and have him send it to you for payment. I enclose a statement from him also a plat showing the cultivated ground all except a 20 acre field some distance west of the ground shown. You will see that there was only 52 acres cultivated. The most important matter of all and the most disapointing is the question of water which I find about 200 inches instead of over 400 inches as I was told by everybody. Mr McCrtney told me he understood the S. Line people had measured it and found 440 inches. Mrs Stewart says Doctor Bracken told her there was over 400 inches in fact I was told by some there was 600 inches but I told McWilliam I would bet there was not over 300 inches. We put in two dams one above the house about 1000 ft the other about two miles further up the creek in order to be sure of getting



William McDermott to J. Ross Clark, December 8, 1902 page 2
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