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W. H. Bancroft letter to J. Ross Clark, June 24, 1905

SAN PEDRO, LOS ANGELES AND SALT LAKE RAILROAD COMPANY OFFICE OF FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT W. H. BANCROFT, First Vice-President Salt Lake City, June 24th, 1905. Claim of J.W.Greene: Mr. J. Ross Clark, Second Vice-President. Los Angeles, California. Dear Sir:- Referring to your personal letter of June 23rd, written on the line, relative to claim of J.E. Green with reference to contract for hay made by Dr. Bracken. I think the turning down of Greene's contract was perfectly proper. Bracken had no right to make the contract in the first place, and the proper method to have pursued would have been to make Bracken stand the amount of the claim out of his own pocket. I judge from your letter that it has developed into a case of policy, and if its a fact that the payment of Greene's claim would result in material advantage to the San Pedro company, I suppose it should be done. Before paying it, however, I should inquire into this matter very carefully. I cannot believe that this man would go to work and haul his freight to and from Ivanpah, over a mountain and through a worse country and worse roads than from Las Vegas, merely to spite someone because his claim is not settled. It looks very much to me like a case of "bluff" and hold-up on his part. Yours very truly, W.H. Bancroft
W. H. Bancroft letter to J. Ross Clark, June 24, 1905
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Letter discusses "claim of J. E. Green with reference to contract for hay made by Dr. [sic] Bracken."
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