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J. Ross Clark letter to W. H. Bancroft, June 20, 1904

June 20, 1904. SUSPENSE. Mr.W.H.Bancroft, c/o Oregon Short Line, Salt Lake, Utah. Dear Sir:-I beg to acknowledge receipt of your favor of the l6th inst. which refers to operation of Las Vegas Ranch, which I have noted carefully.In reply, will call your attention to a conversation I had with you, I think last November, when we made the trip together to Calientes and drove from there down about 25 miles,- I called your attention to the Las Yegas Ranch and said it was impossible to make it pay its way under the present arrangements, but that we had a lot of cattle and horses there which it was necessary to look after, and also take care of and use the water to maintain our rights, and asked you want you thought we had better do with it. If I remember correctly, your reply was we had better continue it on for the present.I am willing to do anything with the proposition that youthink best, but would suggest, inasmuch as the crops will now soon beharvested, and I understand there is quite a large amount of fruit,also,that should bring a fairly good price on account of the graders beingso close by,-that it would be best to continue it under the presentarrangements until after the crops and fruit are harvested, and as soon as the track reaches that point, I would suggest that we endeavor to dispose of all the cattle, probably to some on in Utah, and they can be shipped out by rail. There are also a lot of horses, and I am under
J. Ross Clark letter to W. H. Bancroft, June 20, 1904
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Letter discusses the conditions of the Las Vegas Ranch in regard to cattle, horses, and crops as well as the profit that these things could produce.
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