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William McDermott letter to C. O. Whittemore, November 7, 1902

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SAN PEDRO, LOS ANGELES & SALT LAKE RAILROAD COMPANY. OFFICE OF ATTORNEY GENERAL.T. E. GIBBON,General Counsel. C O P Y . C. O. WH1TTEMORE,General Attorney.Salt Lake City, Utah, Vegas Ranch, Nov. 7th, 1902.Hon. Chas. O. Whittemore,Salt Lake City, Utah. Dear Sir :-Believing you are anxious to receive a report from me I will send an incomplete one since I find I cannot complete counting all the stock for eight or ten days yet.I had to depend upon Harry Stewart to plan and arrange for getting the stock together and yesterday he thought the time had come to find them near together down the wash. We all went down and drove everything in sight to a common point, but could only count 70 head,this added to the 277 now in the pasture made a total of only 347 head. I showed my displeasure in an unmistakable manner, which had a good effect, for this morning the Stewarts agreed to put four Indians in the field with my man Smith, for ten days and to stand all expense of board and wages except Smith's wages, and the plan is now as it should be at first, to drive all the cattle into the pasture when they can be seen and counted. When that is done, we will try and see as many of the horses as possible, but can't very well get them in an enclosure as they are hard to run down. I have had quite a time with the family, especially about the grave-yard proposition, but at last we have come to an agreement. The north line of the ranch is to be thenorth line of the plot which is a change north of 121 ft., and it will be moved further west 100 ft., thereby giving us a free passage between the plot and the creek, and making a decided improvement for us and equally as good



William McDermott letter to C. O. Whittemore, November 7, 1902
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