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Unsigned letter to W. H. Bancroft, June 23, 1905

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On line, Caliente, June 23, 1905.PERSONAL Mr. W. H. Bancroft,First Vice President,Salt Lake City, Utah. Dear Sir:While at Las Vegas this morning I was informed that Mr. Greene, who is the largest merchant in the Bullfrog country, also has quite a lot of teams on the road freighting between Bullfrog and Las Vegas, is going to withdraw his teams and have his stuff shipped to Ivanpah over the Santa Fe and freight from there.Mr. Greene is the man with whom Dr. Bracken made contract in name of The Empire Construction Co. last spring to furnish him 100 tons of hay to be delivered at the rate of 20 tons per month; and when Mr. Bettis was sent out there to close up the store matter, and so on, he repudiated the Greene contract which Bracken had made, which I protested against, realizing about what the outcome would be. While I did not approve of Bracken's making the contract with Greene to cover several months time, at the sane time he had been our representative there for three years and my opinion was then that we should carry out any contracts that he made. The rate on the hay was rather low, at the same time the loss would have been comparatively nothing. I understand that Greene has been disgruntled ever since and has put his contract in the hands of an attorney, hoping to compel us to carry it out.The loss of his business will mean probably many thousands of dollars to us, and it was unfortunate that Mr. Bettis was allowed to



Unsigned letter to W. H. Bancroft, June 23, 1905
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