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J. T. McWilliams letter to William McDermott, November 29, 1902

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Las Vegas, Nevada, Nov. 29th, 1902.Mr. Wm. McDermott,Dear Sir:-In reference to your request of today for data appertainingto the survey of the Stewart ranch property at this place. I will statethat I find but three corners of the public land survey out of a totalof twenty-eight, necessary to sub-divide the property legally, to be ingood condition and safe to use. The property is 5-l/4 miles long ofan average width of l/2 mile, and all either abutting upon or on eachside of sections—30 31 29 32 28 33 27 34 26 35 25 36 I found in good condition theNorth l/4 corner of and Northeast corner of section 36, and I established,from witness trees, by the field notes, section corner-30 31 29 32Sectioncorners -26 35 25 27and—36 34 26 35 do not agree within reasonable distances orcourses with either the field notes or in projecting lines from the South boundary of township and seem to me to have been moved. Certainly the posts show age but neither one is set in ground correctly, that is the numbers on stakes do not point to the proper sections, as do these on the Township lines. The entire North lines of sections 25 to 30 inclusive vary from 170 to 241 feet over the mile in distance from North lines of sections 31 to 36, and generally appear in good condition and indicate an error in original surrey, which without other good evi-dence, will have to stand as found by me. The East 1/4 section corner of 27 cannot be found, the Southwest corner and south 1/4 of same section are also gone, and the Southeast corner of same section, as mentioned above, is very doubtful and looks at present to me as if it might have been purposely moved so as to place the creek all inside the boundary lines of the ranch. The U.S. Township plat shows the creek to run for a short way through the North l/2 of Southwest 1/4 of section, a tract owned by others than the Stewarts. This may and may not be right owing



J. T. McWilliams letter to William McDermott, November 29, 1902
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Letter desrcibes the survey of the Las Vegas Ranch that McWilliams completed.
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