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Some Advantages of Membership in Bureau of Explosives

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Some Advantages of Membership in Bureau of Explosives. 1. However unwelcome the duty, a common carrier must transport the explosives demanded by commerce and construction work; and the risks must be minimized by the adoption of all practicable precautions. 2. Regulations governing this transportation are now embodied in federal law, which also prescribes that the carrier must make the regulations effective by thoroughly instructing its employees in relation thereto. 3. The issue of an order publishing the regulations will not comply with this law. The united experience of all railwaysin the United States shows that regulations do not enforce themselves, that instructors are needed to educate and inspectors to enforce rules by the discovery of delinquencies. These regulations mean restrictions on railway employees and shippers, and these restrictions call for the expenditure of both labor and time. A shipper will object strenuously to expensive restrictions if his competitor is allowed to escape them. These competitive influences will also affect the Traffic Departments of railways. In the interest of safety a road is almost as much interested in the enforcement of regulations by its connections as in the enforcement over its own line, since danger may come through shipments received at junction points. It is evident, therefore, that uniformity of application of regulations is essential to their effective enforcement over an individual line. 4. The Bureau of Explosives is entirely free from all competetive influences and works equally in the interest of all Members. It has been able to secure the active co-operation of large shippers and manufacturers, because they appreciate the advantage to them of having on the staff of railway officials the technical knowledge necessary to form well balanced and consistent decisions on points affecting their interests. The adjudication of the points that arise constantly in correspondence requires not only this technical knowledge in some official, like the Chief Inspector who is available to all members of the Bureau, but the facilities also of a Chemical Laboratory, where technical examinations and anaylses of samples can be made. 5. If you are not a member of the Bureau, you must forego all special inspection of your lines in the interest of this hazardous transportation, or you must employ individually an Inspector. The expense of this course would be greater than your share of the expenses of the Bureau, and it is impossible for you to find an



Some Advantages of Membership in Bureau of Explosives
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