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Frank R. McNamee letter to Governor Boyle, August 8, 1922, page 2

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-2- way along the tracks from the station grounds to its round-house, to put its employees in one separate car, detach it from the train and have the switch engine run it into the yards, and in one instance the strikers attempted to block the passage-way by running an automobile across the track at the highway crossing to prevent the passage of the switch engine and car. Temporary injunction from the Federal Court was served July 17th. On the same day, after the service of the injunction, strikers beat up three ex-employees of the railroad, two were white men and one was a Mexican; this was in the business section, as I am advised, of the cityof Las Vegas. On July 28th injunction pendente lite was served, and since that time up to the occurrence of August 3rd, all forms of violence have been in abeyance; butI am informed that threats are made from time to time that it is well for our employees to stay within the stockade; and I am advised that the peace officers have likewise informed our local officers and employees that if they venture outside the stockade or into the town of Las Vegas, whether guards or employees, they will not be responsible for the consequences. That Deputy Marshal Muller was advised by the heads of the striking shop craft employes that he would have to leave town before 6 o'clock on a certain day, and that said notice was also conveyed in writing, as I am informed, to Marshal Fulmer. That our general manager, W. H. Comstock, has been notified by the Union to leave Las Vegas, and I am advised by Mr. Comstock that your representative suggested to him that it would be good policy to comply with such request. I am informed by our local officers that shooting is a nightly occurrence in and about the stockade of the Company, That on the 3rd day of August our trainmaster Zentmyer, was assaulted and tarred and feathered at Las Vegas, as more fully appears in his affidavit, a copy of which is attached hereto, and upon which contempt proceedings are now being brought in the Federal Court. I am just advised by wire under the date of August 7th, that some of the assailants of Zentmyer were positively identified, and that they remained in Las Vegas from the day of the assault, namely August 3rd, to and including the 6th of August, before they departed to places unknown, and this could have been ascertained by the District Attorney and the Sheriff if they used ordinary vigilance in the performance of their duties. I am informed that twelve Company guards quit the Company as a result of this outrage. Mrs. Andrews on the same afternoon, August 3rd, was assaulted by four women at Las Vegas while she was carrying lunch to her husband, who is a foreman for the Railroad Company, and employed within the stockade. I am advised that two of the husbands sat by in a machine and cheered these women on as they beat Mrs. Andrews with their hands, sticks, bottles or whatever was available. At first we were led to believe that Mrs. Andrews was unable to identify her assailants, but I am now informed that she did and can identify the assailants, and we will of course ask that justice be done in this matter.



Frank R. McNamee letter to Governor Boyle, August 8, 1922, page 2
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