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General Washington Mining Company record book, page 4

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[typed on blank 1908 Goldfield Hotel register sheet]Riverside, California December 15, 1942The Mining Association of the Southwest Los Angeles, CaliforniaFellow Members: Thanksgiving week, it was my pleasure to turn once moreto Goldfield after an absence of 35 years. Memory of the boom days (after my arrival from Butte in 1906) were thoughts of Tom Lockhart, Wingfield, Monnetta, Oddie, Tex Rickard, and highgrading that was reputed to have hit an all time high of $1,500,000 per month. Today not a miner is working in that entire camp and most ofthe town is in ruins, while I met but three former acquaintanceswho had stuck it out all these years. It is my good fortune to present to our organization this book of early day souvenirs from Goldfield, Nevada. Respectfully yours,[signed: Leslie McCullough]T. L. McCullough [handwritten: P.S. These seal imprints may interest old timers. Look at dates. T.L.Mc.][impressions of seals:Klondyke Portland Mines Company, Incorporated Aug 30, 1915, NevadaSEAL West Divide Extension Mining Company, Incorporated September 20, 1919, NevadaAllied Divide Mining Co., Incorporated February 1919, State of NevadaMustang Manhattan Reorganized Mining Company, Incorporated March 26, 1917SEAL Manhattan Big Four Mining Company, Incorporated March 13, 1906General Washington Mining Company Incorporated 1907 South DakotaCrown Charter Divide Mining Company, Incorporated March 1919, State of NevadaGoldfield Realty Company, Incorporated Dec, 1906, Nevada CorporationCracker Jack Mining Company, Incorporated May 1906, ArizonaChampion Divide Mining Company, Nevada, Incorporated April 1919Black Butte Mining & Leasing Company, Incorporated under the laws of the State of Nevada, November 29th, 1911]




General Washington Mining Company record book, page 4
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