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General Washington Mining Company record book, page 5

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ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF THE GENERAL WASHINGTON MINING COMPANY. KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That we, the undersignedWebb H. Parkison, A. B. Simms and J. M. Jackson, for ourselves, our associates and successors, have associated ourselves together for the purposeof forming a corporation under and by virtue of the laws of the Stateof South Dakota, and we do hereby certify and declare as follows,to-wit:I.The name of the corporation shall be General Washington Mining Company.II.The purposes for which this corporation is formed are, to acquireby purchase or otherwise, own, hold, mortgage, lease, locate, sell,and convey mines, mining claims and mining property of every kind and character; to operate, develop, explore, exploit and improve the same; to acquire by purchase or otherwise, construct, build, equip, operate, manage, lease, control, sell and transfer, all kinds of machinery, equipments, appliances andplants for mining,- milling, handling and reduction of oresand mine products; to engage in the business of mining and millings inall its branches; to acquire by purchase or otherwise own, hold, lease,mortgage, sell and convey water rights, reservoirs, plants, pipe linesand water power, and to lease or sell and supply water and power;to build, equip, own, operate, lease, sell and maintain private telegraphand telephone lines, private railways and tramways, and in generalto engage in the business of mining and milling and to do any and allthings necessary, expedient or which may be deemed advantageous or advisable in and about the carrying on of each and all of the foregoingspecified lines of business, or any part or branch thereof; and any andall of the powers and purposes above set forth may be exercisedand carried out in the State of South Dakota, the State of California, the




General Washington Mining Company record book, page 5
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