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General Washington Mining Company record book, page 6

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2.State of Nevada, and in all other States, Territories, colonies or dependencies of the United 8tates, and in foreign countries, as shall inthe judgment of the Board of Directors be deemed expedient or advisable.III.The place where the principal business of this corporation shallbe transacted is in the City of Pierre, State of South Dakota, but it mayhave a business office within the State of Nevada, in the Town of Goldfield, Nevada, Esmeralda County,and any meetings of the incorporators, stockholders or directors of this Company may be held at either of said offices or places of business; and the books of the Company may be kept at either of said offices or places of business, and any incorporator or stockholder of said Company entitled to be present and to vote at said meetings may be represented by proxy.IV.The Domiciliary Office of this corporation shall be at the officeof the National Incorporating Company, in said City of Pierre, State ofSouth Dakota.V.The term for which this corporation shall exist shall be twenty (20) years,with such right of renewal for other and similar periods as may nowor hereafter be permitted under the laws of the State of South Dakota.VI.The number of Directors of this corporation shall be five (5) and eachDirector shall hold at least one share of stock. The names and residencesof the directors who are to serve until their successors are elected, are asfollows: __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ VII.




General Washington Mining Company record book, page 6
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