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General Washington Mining Company record book, page 18

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2.thank you to confirm said appointment at your next meeting.Yours very truly,W. H. Parkison,President." Mr. Hudson moved that the appointment be approved. The motion being seconded by H. L. Kane, same was unanimously carried.The president then reported that in as much as Mr. A. B. Sims had removed from the state and was no longer a stockholder in the Company, a vacancy existed in the Board of Directors.Nominations for a new Director being in order, Mr. Hudson moved that F. A. Behling be nominated. Mr. H. L. Kane seconded the nomination and moved that nominations close. The motion being seconded by W. H. Parkison, and upon vote being taken, F. A. Behling was elected to fill the vacancy.Thereupon on motion duly seconded and carried the Board adjourned.[signed] W. H. Parkison[signed] H. H. Hudson[signed] H. L. Kane




General Washington Mining Company record book, page 18
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