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Minutes of Meeting of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE GENERAL WASHINGTON MINING COMPANY. A Special called meeting of the Board of Directors of the General Washington Mining Company, was held at the office of the Company, 417 N. Main St., Goldfield, Nevada, October 26th, 1908.The meeting was called to order by W. H. Parkison, President, and upon roll call the following Directors were shown to be present.W. H. Parkison, H. L. Kane, F. A. Schlanzer, C. W. Martin, There being a quorum present the following announcement was made by Mr. Parkison: That the note and papers which had been executed by the officers of the Company, by order of the Board of Directors at a special meeting held on the Fifteenth day of April 1908, to secure from the Jno. S. Cook & Co., Bank, the loan of Seven thousand one hundred sixty and 16/100 dollars,($7,162.16) had been in the possession of that Bank since that time, but the said Bank no longer desired to carry the loan and had notified the officers of this Corporation to that effect and that immediate steps would have to be taken to either transfer the loan to some one that would carry it, or pay the same which would be practically impossible, unless theCompany should sell the General Washington claim held by this Corporation.The following resolution was then presented by H. L. Kane and seconded by C. W. Martin. To-wit:-RESOLVED, That the president of the General Washington Mining Company be, and is hereby, authorized, empowered and directed to borrow and to make arrangements to borrow from any bank or banks, firms or individuals, the sum of Seven thousand one hundred sixty two and 16/100 dollars, ($7,162.16) and to execute for and on the behalf of this Corporation the necessary papers, to make a note for the Corporation for said sum and to give mortgage on said property to secure payment on said note.BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the President or the Secretary or both of them be, and are hereby, empowered to dispose




General Washington Mining Company record book, page 23
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