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General Washington Mining Company record book, page 28

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BY-LAWS OF THE GENERAL WASHINGTON MINING COMPANY.OFFICERS:-The officers of this Company shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, and such officers as may be from time to time required for the transaction of its business. They shall be elected annually by the Board of Directors, by whom their several duties may be prescribed, and they may be removed by a majority vote of all the directors. MEETINGS:-Sec. 2. The regular annual meeting of the shareholders of this Company for the election of the Board of Directors shall be held at its principal place of business, at Pierre, State of South Dakota, or at its branch office at Goldfield, Nevada, on the first Tuesday in April of each year. Two weeks' notice of said meeting shall be given, by the Secretary, stating the time, place and object of each meeting, by publication in some paper published in the County of Esmeralda, State of Nevada, or by written notice to each shareholder, either of which shall be deemed sufficient for the purposes of such annual meeting. At all elections there must be a majority of the subscribed capital stock represented, either in person or by proxy in writing. Every person acting as proxy or representative must be a stockholder in his own name on the stock books of the corporation at least ten days prior to the election.If for any cause the election or annual meeting should not be held on the date named in the notice, the directors in office shall order an election to be held on some other day, of which special election notice shall be given every shareholder by written notice mailed to his or her address.Immediately after their election, the new Board of Directors must organize by the election of a President and Vice-President, who must be of their number; also a Secretary and Treasurer, both of whom shall be stockholders in the Company.




General Washington Mining Company record book, page 28
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