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General Washington Mining Company record book, page 30

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3.whether any part of said subscription has been paid, and the amount of such payment, and any stockholder may at any time pay any part of his stock subscription remaining unpaid, and he shall thereupon, and upon surrendering any prior certificate given to him for the same stock, be entitled to receive a certificate of stock as above provided. Stockholders are entitled to one vote at any shareholders' meeting for each share of stock held by them. RECORDS:Sec. 5. The Secretary shall keep a record of all stockholders'and Directors' meetings, with the time and place of holding thesame, whether regular or special, and if special, its object, howauthorized and the notice given. A book known as the "Stock andTransfer Book" shall be kept. In it a record shall be made of allthe stockholders and the amount of stock owned by them. All salesand transfers of stock shall be recorded therein at the time ofsuch sale or transfer.DIVIDENDS: Sec. 6. Dividends of this Company shall be declared when in the judgment of the Board of Directors the condition of said Company shall warrant the same, and no dividend shall at any time be declared in excess of seventy-five per cent of the funds available for the payment of such dividend. The books of this Company shall close ten days before the time of payment of such dividend, and remain closed for ten days thereafter. CONVEYANCES:Sec. 7. All transfers and conveyances of real estate, and all mortgages given on the property of the Company, shall be made by the Company, through its Board of Directors, and under the seal of the Company, pursuant to the order of the Board of Directors, and shall be signed by the President and Secretary. The Board of Directors is hereby empowered to mortgage, sell, convey and transfer any part or all of the property of the Company and all or any part of the stock thereof, and make full account to the stockholders




General Washington Mining Company record book, page 30
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