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General Washington Mining Company record book, page 31

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4.thereof. All deeds of real estate belonging to the Company shallbear the name of the Company by the President, and the same shall be attested by the signature of the Secretary with the seal affixed.SEAL:Sec. 8. The following is an impression of the seal adopted by the Company:- [impression of seal: GENERAL WASHINGTON MINING COMPANY INCORPORATED 1907 SOUTH DAKOTA]BY-LAWS:-Sec. 9. These by-laws may be repealed or amended, or entirely new by-laws adopted, at the annual or any meeting of the stockholders called for that purpose by the directors, by a vote representing two-thirds of the subscribed capital stock. Or the same power may at any time be exercised by a three fifths vote of the Board of Directors.These by-laws and all amendments, repeals and new by-laws shall be duly noted in the minute book of the Company. All by-laws adopted must be certified by a majority of the directors and the Secretary, and copied in a legible hand in the minute book of the Company.We, a majority of the Board of Directors, and the Secretary, hereby certify that the foregoing by-laws, numbered in Sections from 1 to 9 inclusive, were adopted by a two-thirds vote ofthe stockholders, at a meeting thereof held on the __________ day of__________, A. D. 1907, and are the by-laws of the General Washington Mining Company, [signed] J. M. Jackson, Secretary.[signed]Webb. H. Parkison[signed]H. L. Kane[signed]H. H. Hudson Directors.




General Washington Mining Company record book, page 31
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