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Comstock telegram to Halsted 3

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Form 2191-B TELEGRAM SYMBOL X CLASS OF SERVICE REQUIRED Indicate by X in proper line the class of service required. Do not specify preferred service if other service will answer the purpose.Time filed .M. Px Dx Nx Preferred Immediate delivery Day Delivery during day Night Delivery by next morning11-14 zjxoLos Angeles 1020am Aug 14-22 9xxxxA S Halsted Las VegasC-176 Am arranging for FUMDYV {trucks} and FOJDID {supplies} to be sent from LEWQIK {Los Angeles} immediately. We are now waiting on FUQGAH {U SMarshall} to seeif he will send DOZQUC {men} along KIJLYD {Maguire} left LALVAS {Caliente Nev} yesterday by DUHSAJ {motor} to see if we could get FOJDID {supplies} from LEXNEF {Lund Utah} or other points started in. Have not yet heard from him. If am unable to get DAXKAJ {force by (forage)} moving out of DEZHEP {here} to day. Think next best plan would be to fikdid {from} LODFIG {Salt Lake City} to LEXNEF {Lund Utah} and no doubt can get balsim {do} batwaq {ol} baqgok {it} baskil {le} (doolittle) at later point tohandle through to LETQUC {Las Vegas} by fumdyv {trucks} lewqik {Los Angeles} people sayfumdyv {trucks} should get fotgaj {through} from dezhep {here} in about kojnal {30} hours buxbek {driving} continuously. Orig EEC Salt Lake Copies EEC Omaha ASH Las Vegas C-664 W H Comstock 1045am



Comstock telegram to Halsted 3
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