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Comstock telegram to Halsted 958am 1

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Form 2191 B C. S. „ TELEGRAM Time Filed. ------ M SYMBOL X CLASS OF SERVICE REQUIRED . Indicate by X in proper line Px Preferred Immediate delivery the class of service required. Dx Day > Delivery during day Do not specify preferred ser-, vice if other service will answer Nx „ Night Delivery by next morning the purpose.5-8 zqxo Los Angeles 922amAug 15-22A S HalstedG A Zentmyer Las VegasUS Marshall Las Vegas, has message from his DEPuty at Caliente stating that several train crews have come to him and offered to move MAILand that there is about one CARLOAD mail at Caliente. Suggest you call train and engine crews to move this mail and such BOKFEW FEZWIL at KUVFIX as Can be FELPIP for LEDVUF,XXX ALSO Combination Coach for passengers fill out with such freught as you have to move. Let me know if Call will be accepted under these conditions. We will DOPTEV DODZIS DOQJEK BELDYL. Orig WHS< Caliente Copies A S H GAZ Las Vegas NAW Yermo. C-691W H Comstock 958am



Comstock telegram to Halsted 958am 1
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